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Complete multiple hard copy logs and scout tickets coverage for Louisiana, East Texas RR Districts 5 & 6, South Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  Barcodes on all logs and computer printouts for fast check outs and recalls.

All Northwest Louisiana well logs from State Office of Conservation available for membership.

Website available for each user with capability of viewing of all images of inventory; log images, cores, DST’s, and mud logs, before printing and downloading.

Scout ticket attached to each hard copy log for check out.

IHS Enerdeq Production online available in Library only:  North Louisiana, East Texas, South Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

Excellent data on old wells, including several collections of older scout tickets, driller logs and historic production records.

AAPG Bulletins, GCAGS Transactions, reference books and special geological engineering reports.

Petroleum Atlases

Geomap 1” to 4000” base maps

Topo Sheets

County and State Road maps