Shreveport Petroleum Data Assn., Inc., was established in September, 1971, by a group of geologists who recognized the importance of acquiring and preserving geological data to aid in future petroleum exploration efforts.  Continued acquisition and generous donations have established SPDA as one of the pre-eminent petroleum exploration data sources with most comprehensive coverage of the Eastern and Central Gulf Coast.  SPDA has available almost 400,000 well logs covering North Louisiana, South Arkansas, East Texas Dist. 5 & 6, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  Not updated is a large amount of South Louisiana that has been amassed for use by SPDA members.

Since SPDA was founded, it has continued to grow and evolve in response to the changing needs of our members.  All logs, with attached scout tickets, are cataloged with an associated bar code.  Used in conjunction with our computer system, the bar code allows up-to-date inventory assessment and rapid log retrieval.  In addition, computer search programs permit members to search the inventory based upon selected criteria (depth, location, completed zone, well name, etc.).   All images of reduced logs, full scale logs, muds logs, cores analysis and DST data are available for viewing, on the existing website accessible to all members.